Crazy Bear Edit 🔑

Hi All! We hope your having a lovely week.  So to continue our detox January we were lucky enough to spend 24HRs in the amazing Crazy Bear Beaconsfield. The Crazy Bear group is known for its elaborate design and high end luxury, while still keeping that boutique feel throughout. We arrived around 12pm, ready for an experience like no other and we were not disappointed. The hotel is located in a town called Beaconsfield, just an hour outside of London. Once arriving outside what looks like a small townhouse on a high street, filled with lots of boutique shops and pretty houses, you are not quite ready for the opulent decor and impeccable service once walking through the door! 


You enter through a large wooden door and large bear. From then on you are taken into the striking bar area and reception, from dark lighting, animal's coming out from the walls, purple crushed velvet, black leather sofa's with incrusted crystals, patterned wallpaper, chandelier's, candles and silver opulent finishes surrounded. You are transformed into a another world and taken into a stress free zone, you can feel your mood suddenly start to change. 



With a tall glass of champagne in hand and a beautiful bar area, it was time to relax and sit back to discuss the decorum empire. 

We obviously googled the interior before arriving so decided to coordinate with our outfits to get into the full crazy bear mood: 

Shop the look below 



Gold Metallic Shirt: Zara

Black Ripped Jeans: Molly River Island




Embellished Shirt: Topshop

Ripped Jeans: River Island

Fishnets: Topshop

Jewellery: Missoma


Private Dining 

We were lucky enough to get a sneak look at one of the Crazy Bear's private dining rooms. Located on the ground floor underneath the bar, this room is really like no other and would work for lots of different occasions, such as birthdays, engagements etc. The scalloped seating is to die and the ceiling and walls are covered in art deco mirror, moroccan detailing, and brocade finishes. It automatically creates the right ambiance for a private party without having to do much to the space. Perfect for someone looking for something extravagant with some edge. 


Room 24 

After touring the endless interiors and interesting rooms of the hotel, we were escorted to our room for the evening. Room 24 lived up to all its expectations. To access the room we had to leave the main part of the hotel and were taken to another section of the building, from entering the staircase, we were excited to see what awaited us! Entering the suite is like no other experience in regards to hotel style, or anything you would experience else where. The room colours were a mixture of crushed red and blue velvet, gold detailing and black marble. Even the ceiling was finished in a gold crushed velvet, EVEN THE SHOWER! The room was a lovely comfortable size and we took advantage of the large gold and marble bath at the end of the bed! The bathroom was extremely large, and finished in beautiful black marble and opulent gold sinks. Completed with a large chair (photo op).. Everywhere you look there is something new, the attention to detail is what makes The Crazy Bear innovative and unlike the average hotel experience. 



After 30 minutes of snapping away at this beautiful suite, we tucked into our pyjamas and watched some films and had a bath before starting Glam for our eve ahead.


A - Victoria Secret

J - Victoria Secret 

Nice and relaxed, it was time to get ready in our huge bathroom for the evening! 














Making our way out of our suite was a bit of a struggle however the English restaurant was of course another interior dream. Light, airy and spacious.  Encorporating a  mixture of wood, chandeliers and white quilted ceilings with crystals embedded. Its safe to say we were excited for our meal. 

For starter we went for a selection of Irish Rock Oysters our Fave which were of course so fresh and accompanied our glass of champagne. 

Next up was the sesame and black pepper seared tuna sashimi which was to die and the perfect starter as not too filling.... 

We were ready for our main and as we went for fish for start we opted to share a CHATEAUBRIAND grilled balsamic cherry tomatoes on the vine, portobello mushroom, watercress and béarnaise sauce which was perfection, the meat cooked to our specific requirements (medium rare ALWAYS) 

There was still room for dessert, we went for two different varieties as we like to get a taste for all flavours when dining in new restaurants and we definitely saved the best for last

A had the salted butter caramel accompanied with pistachios, peanuts and maracaibo chocolate sorbet 

J had Maracaibo chocolate crème brûlée with pistachio ice cream a real mix and the perfect end to a throughly enjoyable meal. 

Staircase Goals

You know how much we love a staircase, after dinner and a few drinks later we took to the stairs for our money shot.


🕑 for 😴


1 more photoshoot in our stunning suite and we were ready for check out 



After waking up refreshed from what can only be described as a unique evening away, it was sad to say goodbye. We are always looking for something different outside of London as everything is quite similar and The Crazy Bear experience is a must and we would highly recommend. Even though the hotel is not large there are so many features that leaves you wanting more. The moroccan lounge is perfect for the summer months, for even an after work beverage or a Sunday brunch. The thai and english restaurants are both perfect for a date night, a family lunch or even a girls night in / out! The outside terrace has a beautiful pool which during the summer months would be a plus as the hotel is private, quiet and secluded which is what you need after a stressful week. The service was at its highest standards and nothing was too big or too small,  and the freedom of venturing around and exploring the hotel is an instagram/bloggers dream. We really can't wait to return and we are ready to take on 2017 with a bang! 




All photographs by Georgia Shane