HEY HEY! Its nice to go out! however there is nothing better than finding that boxset that completes you on a sunday eve or week night! We have rounded up a few of our FAVE RN box sets!




i mean Greys is an all time classic which just gets better with every season. Its almost therapy, and you will definitely be crying from 30 seconds in... lets also not forget OUR doll Jesse Williams... LIFE. The series focuses on a group of doctors in Seattle.. and did we mention JESSE WILLIAMS! In the UK season 12 is currently half way through on Sky Living every Wednesday at 9pm.  







If you want something that you cant stop watching until its done BILLIONS is the one for you. Anything with Damien Lewis is always going to be stunning and he definitely lives up to his role of Billionaire Axe. MUST SEE... Season 2 starts Feb 2017 on Sky ON Demand and if you've forgotten Season 1, quick recap below. 




A bit of blood, sweat and tears can be hit or miss for some peeps but sometimes we like to be on the edge of our seats! Set in Birmingham back in 1919, watch these olden day gangsters fight their way to the top. aLSo nothing like looking at Cillian Murphy for a good hour or so!  rumour has it, it will be back on our screens late this year..



Divorce is an American comedy staring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church, located just outside New York City, the couple end up divorcing after two children and years of marriage.  It is an easy watch and 30 minutes per episode. Catch it on Sky Atlantic. 



Homeland is a counter-terrorism drama series, looking at the CIA's most dangerous and volitile stations in the middle east and America. Lead role played by Claire Danes, new season starting Sunday 22nd February 2017, 9pm on Channel 4... 


Game of Thrones


I'm not sure there's really a way to sum up G O T in three sentences... AT first we were really reluctant to watch this as we aren't into fantasy dragon type programmes (lol) but after the first ep we were hooked.  Watch different empires across different lands try and take control of the "iron throne".. Expect blood, a lot of blood (ensure you have a pillow to hand to hide behind), White Walkers and all things truly shocking. unFortunately we are going to have to wait until next summer to cast eyes on Emilia Clarke 🙄




Scandal is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. Created by Shonda Rhimes. With the new season weeks away, Scandal premieres in the UK 2nd February at  10pm on Sky Living. Don't miss! 



FirsTLY who wouldn't want to watch Tom Hardy every week skulk around the 1800's in a long black overcoat & top hat? The series begins with James Delaney/Tom Hardy - returning to Britain after 12 years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds. What will he do next? We will keep you updated as we're only 3 eps in BUT loving it ❤️




Netflix takes on the infamous Medellín drug cartel in "Narcos," which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar, played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, Season 2 has just launched on Netflix...



After watching the film there is nothing more satisfying than turning on Gold and watching the old AB Fab eps they never get old and always work for a GNI with some CHAMPS obvs DARLING.. see below for some edina and patsy moments  ðŸ’‹

Have a lovely week!