Whats better than a fashion accessory??? DEF a home accessory and we just can't get enough, whether it a new scented candle, diffuser, room spray, cushion, coffee table book you can never have enough home accessories and as hibernating season has begun and it is officially cold, dark and depressing for a LONG time - whats better than a trip to home sense to vamp up your home. 






We are slightly addicted to scented candles - we have narrowed our 4 favourite autumn scents. Baies scented candle by Diptique is pricy but worth it, lasts forever - as long as your sensible and save it for the right occasion - the scent combines instant uplifting scents of rose and blackcurrant allowing the perfect balance. Autumn by The White Company is a new addition to our collection  - the least expensive on the list, but from the moment you light this candle it instantly gives you that Autumn feel. Think 💭walking through the park on a sunny autumns day. At £20.00 this is well worth the investment. Byredo Perfums is a new addition for us - Cotton Poplin is perfect for the bedroom offering a clean, fresh linen smell mixed with camomile and white cedarwood. Nectarine Blossom & Honey candle from Jo Malone is beyond LIFE for us, this smell is unique to no other candle or scent we have used before. Combining all must, fruity, fresh and white blossom - this is a must try collection whether it be a hand wash, hand cream, or candle. 




This Neom Rose & Neroli diffuser is just gorgeous, we would recommend this more for a living / kitchen area as the scent is so strong at all times it washes out all those cooking smells throughout the day. The fiquier Diptyque room spray is a must have - all rounder, perfect for all seasons giving a fresh fragrance throughout the room with only one spray. The Sapphire with cedarwood room spray is a new find for us from Tesco, this is a go to scent for us and a much less expensive option but the quality is still there, made with luxurious essentials oils leaving a rich scent throughout each area and a complete bargain at £6.00. The last one is a new find from our favourite place to visit Homesense  - Profumatore per Ambiente is sold in TK Maxx and Homesense and comes in a pack of two scents Lavender and Rose - both very strong rich scents for all areas of the home. 




The vase can add a great statement to your coffee table, dining room and bedroom areas. We have broken down a variety of stand out vases to make your home look stunning along with your flowers. If dark colours are your thing this Geometric Glass Vase from Cult Furniture is a great addition to your home & great deal at £24.00. If your more into bright and white this white marble print vase from Trouva would be the perfect item for you. A great statement piece to use on a console table or dining room table at £12.00 you can't go wrong. If your more into simple there is nothing more classy than this stunning clear ribbed vase from allowing the flowers to do the talking. If you're into colour which we are trying to experiment with more and more this Rose Pink clear glass vase from Trouva could be a great piece to bring in a pop of colour to an all white and grey space. 




We love a throw throughout all seasons, there is nothing better than finishing  a long day of work and sitting down on your sofa with a cup of green tea and throw - we have put together our top 3 faves for this time of year starting with The White Company supreme faux fur collection perfect for the end of your bed with the matching cushions, this set is a great investment and you will not need to be purchasing anything else for a long time. In the middle we would suggest is more of a living room chair throw - great if you have dogs or just to throw something over quickly - we just love these Lamb Wools Throw from Rigby & Mac bringing in some great texture and fabrics to your sitting area. Finishing our throw round up with a striking black faux fur from House of Fraser - an all rounder suitable for most living and sleeping areas. 

Theres no better time to keep it fresh