PisQu London - Buff Bites

Hey All! 

Hope your all having a good week! 

Last week we tried out a new Peruvian restaurant in Fitzrovia, we always like trying out new Peruvian's as its one of favourite food! As soon as we arrived we were greeted with the most insane cocktails, all based with Pisco.  A went for an amazonian mojito which is a pisco, watermelon mixed cocktail, J went for a pisqu sour cocktail consisting of pisco, lime juice and egg whites which went down stunning after a long Thursday! 

We were recommended the perfect staters to really grasp the Peruvian cuisine, we started with

salmon Nikkei Tiradito, sashimi cut salmon, ponzu, rocoto chilli, tiger’s milk £12.00

Ceviche Pisqu, sea bass, sweet potato, lime, coriander, tiger’s milk, Inca corn £10.00

Pulpo (gf), grilled octopus, Inca corn grain cake, achiote oil £12.00


All starters were gluten free, so perfect for those looking to cut back on their gluten

We really enjoyed the starters, highlight being the Salmon Nikkei Tiradito


Lomo a la parrilla , beef fillet pachamanca sauce, yellow potato puree or corn grain cake £20.00

Sea bass a la plancha (gf), grilled sea bass, tree tomato, Amazon purple potato, achiote oil £17.00

and as we love a bit of spice on the side 

Serranito Verde, green aji limo, lime, coriander, garlic

we also had the 

Yucas (gf), crispy cassava chips with huancaina sauce £5.00

the fish and the beef were both cooked to perfection and presented perfectly 

We had to save some space for dessert 



Pisqu chocolate mousse with Matcha ice cream, Amazonian chocolate with passion fruit £7.00 

All in all it was a truly authentic Peruvian evening and we couldn't fault the meal or the impeccable service. 

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