Decorum Wears - May Beauty Edit

Hey All! 

Who doesn't love a pamper, both of us are slightly obsessed with skincare and beauty products and are always trying out new brands. 

SOOO we are editing down are FAVE right now beauty must haves for this May 





We are slightly obsessed with Sukin Organic skincare products right now. As we have very sensitive skin these natural products work wonders for us. The foaming facial cleanser is such a great texture and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed, use twice daily for best results. Suitable for all skin types especially combination skin, The antioxidant rich hydrating facial masque we use once a week to bring our skin back to life. It smells amazing with ingredients such as Kaolin, Rosehip, Jojoba, Vitamin E leaving your skin completely soft and revived after using, perfect for a Sunday night in. The Rose Hip Oil is an illustrious ingredient known for its skin conditioning and skin renewal and improves sign of ageing. Use a small amount with your moisturiser. 



There is nothing more important that a good set of brushes when it comes to face contouring and eyes, we have recently discovered Nanshy make up brushes, we specifically love this conceal perfector pointed top brush which blends in concealer, allowing a great base before applying your contour. Along with the angled detailer eye and lip brush, a must to create that perfect red lip or cat eye. To buy full set of brushes click here. It is also very important to be cleaning your brushes on a regular basis and we have yet to find a product that we love, until we tried Nanshy vegan free make up brush cleaning soap sponge cleanser, this cleaner disinfects and conditions your brushes, leaving you with fresh skin all year round 🙋🏽




We love a good cleansing oil and especially one with coconut & argan oils, this Burt Bee's cleansing oil is perfect to leave skin feeling soft, removing dirt & make up without skin feeling oily. Base your lips with burt bees strawberry lip balm before applying Blush Basin lipstick, naturally moisturising while staying on for 8 hours 🕒 


whats worse, washing your hair or drying it??? well we've just saved you at least 20 minutes more make up time with our new fave hair towel from Aquis, not only does it dry your hair in record time and is very absorbent. Along with keeping the hair healthy as it protects your hair from damaging while wet. 💇🏽

See how we use all our new fave products below


Happy Pampering