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There is no life without perfume. wE all have our signature scents that remind you of past memories or take you back to beautiful places. We are either spicy, sweet, fruity- dark or woody. There is something out there for all of us and we're going to ☛ you in the right direction so you can find the perfect scent.




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Jo Malone's Orange Blossom

Clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily, with warm undertones of orris and balsamic vetiver.



TOCCA Simone

Encapsulating a sense of endless Australian summer, Tocca’s Simone smells like tropical frangipani flower cutting through salty sea air, before unfolding into creamy layers of watermelon, crisp apple and lemon.



Annick Goutal - Passion

Passion is a perfumed tribute to feminine sensuality in all its curvaceous, complex glory. It opens with mesmerising white florals and vanilla before snapping you out of your trance with a spiky green tomato leaf



Penhaligon's Empressa

Penhaligon's Empressa Eau De Toilette is inspired by the beauty and nacrescence of pearls, precious silks and fine fabrics transported through London to adorn women of power and influence. Shimmering with bright pink pepper, succulent blood orange, dewberry and peach.



Quelques Fleurs Original

Created by Perfumer Bienaimé in 1912, Quelques Fleurs was the first true multi-floral bouquet ever created – a blend of soft, sensual flowers, containing six absolutes. 



Frédéric Malle - Portrait of a Lady

Frédéric Malle Portrait of a Lady eau de parfum is a unique breed of oriental rose, a baroque, sumptuous and symphonic perfume. With a strong dose of rose essence and a patchouli heart, this all-encompassing fragrance attracts people like a magnet.



Mancera - Roses Vanille

Roses Vanille eau de parfum includes floral infusions of lemon of calabre, morning dew, rose loukoum, cedar wood, vanilla sugar and white musk to create a fragrance that is fresh and sweet.



Tom Ford - Orchid Soleil

Orchid Soleil is a vibrant, radiant and sensual scent that is said to capture the magic of the most brilliant sunshine. The composition opens with spicy notes of pink pepper, bitter orange and cypress. Its vibrant heart blooms with red spider lily and tuberose, enveloped by the warm base of chestnut cream, vanilla, patchouli and orchid.



Dolce & Gabbana - Dolce

Dolce is a gentle, feminine mix of white flowers, introduced by the freshness of the Neroli leaves and defined by the White Amaryllis, a South African flower used for the first time ever in scent.
A unique and opulent combination of White Water Lily and bold White Daffodil blend perfectly with the full-bodied White Amaryllis.



Maison Margiela - Replica Lipstick On

Lipstick On’s floral heart is heightened with sensuality, with notes of Vanilla and Tonka Beans, revealing a feminine, unforgettable scent of the dressing table. 





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Jo Malone - Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Midnight rain. Seductive with the carnal touch of cumin and chilli leaves. Dark with cedarwood. Humid with moss. Modern and urban.



LE LABO - Santal 33

A timeless and transcendent depiction of the American West, it fuses rich smoky wood alloy, spices and leather with sweeter notes of iris and violet to create an addictive unisex scent that is both comforting and unforgettable.



DIPTIQUE - Philosykos

The memory of a Greek summer at Mount Pelion. To get to the sea, there was a natural grove of wild fig trees to cross through. The sun at its zenith heated the earth, the dry wind carried the scent of the trees and their fruit. Philosykos is an ode to the entire fig tree: the green freshness of the leaves, the density of the white wood, the milky flavour of the figs.



Laboratory Perfumes - Amber

Modern fragrance featuring amber, balmy layers of wood, earth and ambergis, and green spicy top notes. 

Inspired by the flora of the countryside, Laboratory Perfumes have created two clean, pure and modern fragrances, evocative of nature. Each fragrance is extremely complex and has an evolutionary life on the skin. 



BYREDO - Gypsy Water

Gypsy Water is a glamourisation of the Romany lifestyle, based on a fascination for the myth. 

The scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires illustrates the dream of a free, colourful lifestyle close to nature.



VILHEM - Harlem Bloom


Vibrant, fragrant saffron, violet and damascena rose sit on a hardy base of ebony wood and wild leather to embody a scent that is equal parts strongwilled and sensitive.



Escentric Molecules - Molecule 02


Escentric Molecules' Molecule 02 is based upon ambroxan, a nature-identical aroma-molecule. Real ambroxan is found in ambergris, a once prized ingredient in perfumery, with a distinctive nutty, warm scent.



Helmut Lang Fragrances

Sensual and rich, this Helmut Lang Eau De Parfum has a deep and musky soul. Sweet lavender and rosemary top notes mix with citrus orange for a light and bright scent. Sandalwood, cedarwood, amber and patchouli give it a confident vibe and functional feel.



Atelier Bloem - Black Tulip

 Vegetative notes of ivy, bergamot and vetiver together with tulip, violet and water jasmine capture the unadulterated beauty of the flower. An aromatic feminine fragrance that sits sweetly on the skin.



Jo Malone - Velvet & Rose Oud

Darkest Damask rose. Rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. 


Jade wears Jo Malone Velvet & Rose Oud

Amelia wears Escentric Molecule - Molecule 02 

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We hope you find your perfect scent.

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