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Hey guys, its mid week were already exhausted after the long weekend. Tireless meeting's and high demands got us feeling tired BUT we have found a new GAME CHANGER product SportFX. Having tried and tested SportFX while working out and leading our busy lifestyles the past two weeks, we couldn't recommend this skincare and make up range highly enough to anyone that leads on the go busy lifestyles JUST LIKE US. Not to mention the fact that its completely paraben free, packed with vitamins and enriched with SPF to protect from sun damage and is sweat proof without clogging your pores. Therefore....



see a few of our faves below 

to get you through those painful workouts 



There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, refreshed after an early night, making a bowl of fruit and a lemon tea. We always want to be on form in the morning as it starts you off for the rest of your day. We keep green tea with us and drink throughout the day as it is a great detox and a great alternative to coffee. Since trialing Sport FX cosmetics we have been using the products daily before our morning workouts which consist of anything from boxing, running and pilates. Since using Sport FX we have noticed a massive difference to our skin - we are not breaking out as much after a tough workout and it also allows our face to breathe. The Sport Stamina mascara stays on your lashes all day and does not smudge or clog your lashes, the Time Out face mist is the perfect addition to our handbag, giving you an instant spritz of freshness throughout your day. We can't go anywhere without our brows done - it makes the face, and we just love this Definition Duo eyeliner pencil in Brunette from SportFX. Easy application with a two sided pencil and brush - perfect for on the go brows. 






Definition Duo Eyeliner Pencil

Sport Stamina Mascara

Time Out Face Mist

Recovery Lip Balm





We love prepping our gym outfits the night before our workouts, it gives you no excuses to GET IT DONE. It means in the morning all you have to do is jump in the shower, make a smoothie and apply your make up. The blend and go is the perfect make up blender for a flawless complexion and the cool down primer and recovery gel is a high performance formula ensuring you a sweat free resistant coverage, holding your make up firmly in place during those Spinning classes. Not sure about you but washing your hair throughout the week is the biggest struggle of all, we have been using the must try Body Build dry shampoo working hard to remove oil and sweat.

We love to co-ordinate our workout outfits, it makes it that little bit more fun. We LOVE these Nike red side stripe leggings which are the perfect fit, you can't go wrong with a pair of Beats By Dre and some Nike Air Max to start your day right 💪🏽


Some mornings we won't hit the gym and we will do a home workout, a few of our faves are Joe Wicks - The Body Coach and Jillian Michaels. We just grab a few hand weights and throw on a sports bra and were ready to go. The limited edition liquid silver Nike air max never hurt anyone either.  A new addition to our skincare routine pre and post workout are these face off make up remover wipes enriched with olive oil, vitamin E and micellar water. Leaving your skin feeling refreshed and fresh after a strong weights session. Throw on some Balance Boosting BB cream, grab a coffee and your on your way. 



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Stay SportFX..