Amalfi Dreaming - J's Guide to Amalfi

It has been a crazy year for us and we have visited so many places already but the one place we have always been desperate to visit is the Amalfi. Amelia and I were in Puglia for a wedding and my Fiancé and I decided very randomly to drive from Puglia down to the Amalfi as we felt we needed a few days break and we were only 4 hours away. THEREFORE... we jumped into a fiat panda and started our 4 hour drive down to the Amalfi. 


As it was literally a last minute decision, we had to quickly change our flight and find somewhere to stay, as we had not been to the Amalfi before we decided to stay in Sorrento which is the start of the Amalfi. We found a really cute little boutique hotel which worked perfectly for us as we were only really there to sleep. 

Sorrento is a beautiful town, we spent our first morning walking around the front and taking in the views. 

In the evening we visited Bellevue Syrene, its known as the best hotel in Sorrento and it truly didn't disappoint. We had a beautiful a la carte meal over looking Sorrento. The hotel itself is beyond beautiful. The hotel is built upon the ruins of a Roman villa. The interiors are mixed with luxurious details mixed with pastels and blues. The food and wine was authentic Italian and went down perfectly. A MUST VISIT/STAY for your next trip. 

Other hotels to visit in the area:

Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria


After exploring Sorrento we were ready to move into the heart of the Amalfi - Positano The dream of life. Everything is fairly close but as its so bendy and hilly everything can take up to 45 minutes to get to. However it is definitely worth it, I had never seen anything like it in my life. Clear blue crystal water, lemon stands on the corners of each cliff.